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            常春藤生活英語【149】9 Wed

            2013-07-27 18:25:22 來源:常春藤英語

            9 Wed

            Man's best friends are smarter and more like humans than we ever thought. A leading dog researcher and professor, Stanley Coren of the University of British Columbia, did a study. It showed that the average dog has the mental abilities of a two-year-old child. These smart dogs can count to five and do simple math. They can also understand about 165 words, including signs, signals, and gestures. Moreover, they can show basic emotions like happiness, anger, and fear.

            Psychologists used tests that were designed for young children to see if dogs had certain mental abilities. The results show that the smartest dogs, which Coren calls super breeds, can recognize up to 250 words. Of course, not all dogs are created equal. Different breeds of dogs have different levels of intelligence. At the top of the list is the Border collie. Poodles, German shepherds, golden retrievers, and Doberman pinschers make up the rest of the top five. The breed that scored the lowest is the Afghan hound. Although dogs are not Einstein, they should be treated and trained as smart and sensitive individuals by their human owners.


            1. Which of the following is NOT true of Stanley Coren's find?
            (A) Dogs have the intelligence of two-year-old children.
            (B) Dogs can solve some easy math problems.
            (C) Dogs can use gestures to communicate with humans.
            (D) Dogs can express a few emotions.
            2. According to Coren, super breeds _________.
            (A) can identify up to 165 words
            (B) are what he refers to as the smartest dogs
            (C) include Afghan hounds
            (D) are almost as clever as Einstein

            Building Your Vocabulary  

            1. leading a. 最重要的;最好的
            Dr. Chen is a leading scientist in ecology.
            2. average a. 普通的,平常的
            The average person can't tell if a diamond is fake.
            3. mental a. 智力的;精神的,心理的
            A lot of people don't know they have mental problems.
            4. gesture n.(身體各部位的)姿勢;手勢
            Rebecca shook her head in a gesture of disappointment.
            5. recognize vt. 認識,認出
            Gary recognizes all of Madonna's songs.
            6. intelligence n. 智力;理解力
            Someone of such high intelligence should have known it was only a joke.
            7. sensitive a.(感情)易受傷的;敏感的
            This kind of creature is sensitive to light.
            這種生物對光很敏感。 ► up to...  多達……
            Ben can eat up to 10 bananas at once.

            Tips In Use  

            .....top of the list is the Border collie.
            1. Border collie n. 邊境牧羊犬
            collie  n. 柯利牧羊犬
            2. poodle  n. 貴賓狗
            3. German shepherd n. 德國牧羊犬
            shepherd  n. 牧羊狗;牧羊人
            4. golden retriever n. 黃金獵犬
            retriever  n. 經訓練會銜回獵物的獵犬
            5. Doberman pinscher n. 杜賓狗
            6. Afghan hound n. 阿富汗獵犬
            hound  n. 獵狗
            7. Labrador  n. 拉布拉多獵犬
            8. Dalmatian  n. 大麥町犬 

            More to Know  

            1. 杰克的在校成績普通,所以他沒有申請哈佛大學。
            Jake only had ______ grades in school, so he didn't apply for Harvard.
            2. 那名顧客做了個手勢示意要買單。
            The customer made a ______ for the bill.
            3. 那名侍者可以一次端出多達六盤菜。
            The waiter can deliver ______ ______ six plates of food at a time.


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