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            常春藤生活英語【144】Clothespins 小小衣夾大學問

            2013-07-27 18:17:18 來源:常春藤英語

            Clothespins 小小衣夾大學問

            Sometimes the most ordinary household items have a fascinating history. Clothespins have been used for many years to pin laundry to clotheslines so they can dry in the sun. Most clothespins today are two pieces of wood or plastic that are joined together by a spring. The inventor of this design was an American named David M. Smith. He was from Vermont and patented the first clothespin in 1853.

            The original style of clothespins, however, was created by a religious society called the Shakers. Their clothespin is made of a single piece of wood. The two legs of the pin are pushed apart and then the tension between them grasps the clothes.

            Clothespins are not only used for hanging laundry. During World War II, people did not have a lot of money, so a box of clothespins was a popular children's toy. In the film industry, special wooden clothespins are used for working with movie lights. They clip colored filters to the lights and keep messy cords out of the way. Though they are small, clothespins have proven to be extremely convenient and helpful throughout history.




            Building Your Vocabulary  

            1. household a. 家用的
            The store mainly sells household supplies.
            2. fascinating a. 迷人的
            This city has a fascinating nightlife.
            3. pin vt. 固定;把……釘住
            A name tag is pinned to the waiter's shirt.
            4. inventor n. 發明者
            Thomas Edison was a great inventor.
            5. religious a. 宗教的
            The Pope set out on a religious journey.
            6. grasp vt. 抓牢;握緊
            Paul tightly grasped the handle on the bus.
            7. clip vt. 夾住,扣住
            You should clip your photo to the form before handing it in.
            8. throughout prep. 在整個期間;遍及
            It was raining throughout the northern part of the island last week.

            Extra Words  

            1. clothespin n. 衣夾
            2. clothesline n. 曬衣繩
            3. spring n. 彈簧
            4. patent vt. 為……申請專利
            5. tension n. 張力,拉力
            6. filter n. 濾(色)片;濾(色)鏡
            7. cord n. 電線 

            SENTENCE PATTERN  

            Though they are small, clothespins have proven to be...
            though 引導的副詞子句,若有下列句構出現時,可用 as 取代 though:
            Though + 主詞 + be 動詞∕連綴動詞(如:seem, appear, look...)+ 形容詞, 主詞 + 動詞
            = 形容詞 + though + 主詞 + be 動詞∕連綴動詞, 主詞 + 動詞
            = 形容詞 + as + 主詞 + be 動詞∕連綴動詞, 主詞 + 動詞
            = As + 形容詞 + as + 主詞 + be 動詞∕連綴動詞, 主詞 + 動詞
            Though Jay looks innocent, I don't trust him.
            = Innocent as Jay looks, I don't trust him.


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