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            2010-04-03 10:40:26 來源:世博英語


            Respiratory Illness Kills 11 in Sudan


            Sat Nov 1,11:17 PM ET

            KHARTOUM, Sudan - At least 11 people in central Sudan have died and more than 16,000 have been hospitalized with a respiratory illness links to an annual locust invasion, the country's official news agency said Saturday. The peak was reported a week ago when some 500 cases were admitted to a hospital in Medani, Sudan's second-largest city, 112 miles south of Khartoum.


            【講解】respiratory:Of, relating to, used in, or affecting respiration. 呼吸的。respiratory organs,呼吸器官。

            Locust:蝗蟲、蚱蜢,在美語里還有蟬的意思,它也可以用來指破壞者或貪吃的人。locust bean,【植】角豆;locust tree,【植】刺槐。

            An agricultural official in the Medani area said the illness is linked to a hormone — released by the dark-red locusts during mating season — which "has a strong effect on people with asthma." A spokesman for the World Health Organization Dick Thompson, told The Associated Press that infectious disease experts at the Geneva-based U.N. health agency were unaware of the outbreak, but said the occurrence of such a "toxic event" could not be ruled out.


            【講解】hormone :Any of various similar substances found in plants and insects that regulate development. 激素,一種存在于植物或昆蟲中的具有調節生長之功能的物質。

            Asthma:A chronic respiratory disease, often arising from allergies, that is characterized by sudden recurring attacks of labored breathing, chest constriction, and coughing. 氣喘(。,一種長期的呼吸系統疾病,通常由過敏癥引起,特征是呼吸劇烈,胸部收縮,及咳嗽等的突然復發。

            toxic ,Capable of causing injury or death, especially by chemical means,poisonous.能夠造成傷害或死亡的,尤指通過化學方法、有毒的。a toxic drug ,毒藥。food preservatives that are toxic in concentrated amounts,濃縮后有毒的食物防腐劑;a dump for toxic industrial wastes.有毒工業廢料的臨時堆積所。

            rule out,排除在外。

            The committee has provided medication, oxygen and equipment for patients. The area has been sprayed with insecticide since last week and the numbers of deaths and infections have dropped, the statement said.


            【講解】insecticid,A chemical substance used to kill insects. 殺蟲劑用于殺蟲的一種化學物品。

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